David Horowitz on racism embedded in Democrat Party

26 Sep


Is the Hockey Stick Graph Dead?

15 Nov

Some lies like The Protocols… and the Hockey Stick just have a Frankenstein quality. They were always dead but they live on.

Watts Up With That?

Novice warmist debunks Michael Mann

Guest essay by Doug L. Hoffman

Image by Joanne Nova Image by Joanne Nova

For those of us who have followed the climate debate for a long time, the notion that Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick graph might be dead is counter intuitive. For us, the Hockey Stick graph is central to the debate. It’s appearance in one brilliant stroke swept all discussion of the physics of climate change aside, wiped out discussion of sensitivity and natural variability, destroyed in the public’s mind any notion other than climate change was catastrophic and already upon us. Even the climate models played second fiddle to Mann’s tree ring chronology. I submit however, that the Hockey Stick is in fact dead, a symbolic (but important) final blow being struck at WUWT, not by a skeptic, but by a warmist. (Patience, I’ll get to that).

Of course Michael Mann is a major thorn in…

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Government Taking Credit For Global Warming Pause Which They Say Doesn’t Exist

28 Oct

Sadly, nothing better could be expected.

Real Science

President Obama says that global warming is proceeding even faster than expected, while the UK Government is talking credit for stopping global warming.

Government measures ‘may have slowed down global warming’: Energy minister claims policies are playing a role in curbing rising temperatures

Baroness Sandip Verma made the claims during a session in House of Lords

Government measures ‘may have slowed down global warming’, Energy minister claims | Daily Mail Online

Anyone who doesn’t believe that officially non-existent global warming is out of control, is an evil flat-earth oil company paid shill.

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Hello world!

27 Oct

Hopefully, one other carbon being out of over 7,200,000,000 will find this and start a conversation about ideas. What is the most promising philosophy the world should follow to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number?

It appears that hundreds of years into that salient question has passed and billions of humans have not concluded anything close to an answer that goes beyond some sort of tribal-like adoption.

I’m retired in Naples, FL, with my spouse and stay physically and mentally active trying to help others grow while trying to both know more and not fool myself. (As Richard Feynman said, be careful because you are the easiest to fool. I’ve no evidence he was wrong).

My concerns include the direction of the world, country, state, city, friends, family and self. But, finding one other person doesn’t seem so monumental. I’m out to either change it all or myself. In both cases, more knowledge and clearer language is crucial

In case someone seeks tags, here are a few. The USA Constitution, The Leviathan, Islam, Jihadists, How Jesus Became God, Economics, Austrian Economics, Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Education, Debt, Deflation, Keynesianism, Liberty, Free Speech, Immigration, Federal Reserve, Fiat money, millennials, LaBron James diet, Obesity. Recipes anyone? Abortion, Women’s reproductive rights?

Hope someone shows up. I’ll emphasize respect and cordiality. If that is not appealing to your style, please feel free to go elsewhere.

Thank you for reading, perhaps, to here.